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I read this book when I was thirteen and I have read five times since then. In my teenage when I had a feud within my self, it was hard to relate to the peace and calm that Hassan represented and the chaos, the jealousy,the authority of being well-to-do that surrounded Amir was something I understood better. It took a long while to understand Hassan, to understand his actions and that acceptance of circumstances no matter what and mostly that love for kites.

The Kite Runner tells the story of two boys, one rich ,other poor, brought up in the same house and both related by blood(though unknown to them). One incident after the kite flying tournament changes their life forever and amid the growing violence and cacophony of war,the innocence of childhood ceases to exist and the bonds that tied them once completely snap. Years later when Amir is old, he receives a letter and a call beckoning him back to his motherland, this time to save that lost brother’s son and mostly to seek redemption. What ensues is the story of love lost and found, the regrets,the secrets and most importantly the redemption for that one wrong decision.

I love this book and no matter how many times you read it, it feels like you are yourself taking the journey. It’s like Harry Potter, no matter what time or age you read this book, it never loses that innocence,that feeling of sorrow and that high you feel when your kite flies high!

On a more literary note, the book is perfect,the author uses the shades and hues of different elements and objects to represent the various scenarios that occur in the lives of the character. There is an innocence that the author taps into that resonates throughout the book. The key point here is the childhood and the loss of innocence as the characters grow up. The war,turbulence and the protagonist’s reactions as well as the reactions of those around him are beautifully. This does not mean that each person’s reaction is recorded(that would make it so drab and boring like sogging lettuce). It’s just that the two main characters Amir and Hassan are shown as two sides of the same coin(SPOILER ALERT: Amir’s father is also Hassan’s father i.e. Hassan is the illegitimate son of Amir’s father). The plot moves at the correct pace and you are never bored during any part of the book.

The Kite Runner is a page turner for all those who love to read books and are looking for their next read! I recommend that if you are having weekend blues wherein you have just finished a series and are looking around to read a single solid story ,then The Kite Runner is just the book for you……

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