#BOOK4: The Incredible Anita Desai

Today’s author is the Padma Bhushan awardee Ms. Anita Desai. Words fall short for her books. I have read only two of her works: Fire in the Mountain and Fasting,Feasting and both of them are beautiful almost poetic. She uses prose so precisely that you don’t feel like putting the book down. But there is one catch with her books.

They always end very realistically i.e. there are sad endings or even kind-of-happy endings. She never makes her story twist and turn to feed the reader’s fetish for happy endings. No, they are never morbid but they are mostly sad. They are a representation of what happens in real life not fallacies created to comfort our minds. Neither is it John Green nor is J.K. Rowling. It is simply Anita Desai and if you are not someone who can accept sadness or the reality of life in the books you prefer then she is definitely not the one for you. This beautiful author though (I am assuming you might read her book) leaves a happiness in you heart. After reading her books, I felt a little complete as though some distant blackness of my life had been closed. I know this sounds dramatic but it’s the truth. The poignancy and the beauty of it all is that I have accepted and forgiven certain circumstances and people respectively and I don’t hold grudges against them anymore. Yes, I haven’t forgotten what they did to me but it’s just that they don’t matter anymore. I let it go and somewhere it was her books that helped me to do that. I am glad that I am alive and I had the privilege of reading her books and I urge you dear reader to give it try. You might undergo changes in your own way or maybe you may not. Whatever maybe the outcome, the end result would be that you would have read great literature circulating around daily life……..

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#BOOK3: The Anuja Squad!


Ok peeps, I know I recommended a romance fiction last post but this is important. It’s almost a necessity. You cannot call yourself  a romantic fiction reader unless you have read at least one book by Anuja Chauhan.

That’s a tall claim to make (I know!) BUT IT’S DAMN TRUE! So what I am going to do is to tell you my view on each book and leave it up to you read what you like.

So here it goes:-

The Zoya Factor:

This is the story of Zoya(obvious)who works in an advertising agency through which she gets to meet the Indian cricket team. Being born on 25th June,1983 and having entered the world the minute India won their first World Cup,she is considered as a lucky charm for the team yet the Indian team captain Nikhil Khoda(I kept converting it to “ghoda” which means horse,in my brain)believes this to be utter bullshit and tries to implement discipline and trust in his team. This book had an amazing plot and yet I personally did not like it(surprise,surprise). Having read the other books of Anuja Chauhan before this one, I found that the narration was a bit distorted. Since this was her debut novel,I didn’t mind it so much. She had used her inherent desi hinglish style in this book as she uses in her other books and yet it wasn’t so entertaining. I would say that “The Zoya Factor” is a one time feel-good read if you are damn bored.

Battle for Bittora:

This is the first book I ever read from the Anuja Squad and I fell in love with it head over heels. I read the book thrice before I could get over Jinni and Zain (the only problem with this was that everytime I saw the cover of this book only one phrase went in my mind “Zain(honey-gold, lean,taut)Altaf Khan”). Every thing about this book was just perfect from it’s storyline to its characters to Dadi’s downright hilarious english and all the hinglish puns. The best part was the clever and extremely funny way in which Anuja Chauhan shows Indian Politics. The love story is never over shadowed by politics though the dynamics and the ever changing faces of politicians are brought to light without much fuss or stinginess. In a country where people get offended very easily,this funny and daring take on politics is a laudable effort. Go for it if you are in need for some good laugh and hilarious hinglish puns!

Those Pricey Thakur Girls:

This prequel to “The House that BJ built” is set in the 80’s and follows the lives of  the five alphabetically named Thakur sisters namely Anjini,Binodini,Chandrakanta,Debjani and Easwari. Technically it follows the love story of Debjani and Dylan(oh he is dishy but born in the 80’s so he is technically an uncle. Sigh) but the many facets of Indian families from cunning lusty uncles to scheming aunties to dumb cousins to misunderstandings between two people who love each other. It’s your quintessential love story with all the spice and sweetness of a yummy Bollywood film. Anuja tries to show two facets of journalism existent at that time(maybe she didn’t but this is my interpretation of the book) wherein one was controlled by the government and the other was a rebellious counterpart of it. Again here, a very serious issue of freedom of speech and expression of the media is shown in a funny light without overshadowing the main issue. As a topic which is extremely relevant in the current times, this book is a must-read if you are in love with the author and love her brand of hilarious yet issue based love stories.

The House that BJ Built:

I am giving you a warning beforehand in this one: it is going to be a gush-fest because I am deeply,madly (if ever it was possible to fall for a fictional character after Mr.Darcy) in love with Samar Vir Singh. This is the sequel of  “Those Pricey Thakur Girls” and this one follows the love story of the next generation namely Bonu and Samar. This book is by far Anuja Chauhan’s best book because it has everything a love story and it also deals with the serious issue of property disputes in India. I loved this book and daydreamed about the very dishy,very suave,arrogant and yet lovable Samar and the hippie yet the strong “ballsy” Bonu. Go read this book and you are welcome in advance because I know you will thank me after you have read 😀

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#BOOK2: Right and Wrong Series by Varsha Dixit

My first pick was quite deep and philosophical so I decided to pick something funny and whacky. That pretty much summarizes the Right and Wrong series by Varsha Dixit. Each book follows the love story of one particular female lead.

The first book follows the story of the very dreamy and extremely strong Nandini and Aditya , the second one follows the love story of Nandini’s best friend Shreya and Nikhil and the third book follows the story of Aditya’s ex-fiancee Gayatri with Viraj. In all the three books Varsha Dixit makes the woman the protagonist of the story. The men are all a mixture of Mills and Boon heroes meeting new-age boy-next-doors while the woman are strong,independent,dreamy and yet vulnerable. At no point is the female character waiting for her knight in shining armour. They are all woman dealing with real life issues and relationships like normal adults,which is a breath of fresh air at  a time of soppy romances and sad romanticism of reality.

So why did I pick this book,you ask? That’s because this is the first romantic fiction I ever read. This lovely series opened me to a world of realistic romances with a touch of bollywood and a lot of hindi pun. I loved every bit of this series and I hope you do too.

On a whole, the Right and Wrong series is a great read if you just finished reading a deep novel and are looking to uplift your mood with normal daily and yet dreamy romances(what a juxtaposition!) or you are someone who loves romantic books in general too…..


xoxoxo till next time lovelies,