#BOOK2: Right and Wrong Series by Varsha Dixit

My first pick was quite deep and philosophical so I decided to pick something funny and whacky. That pretty much summarizes the Right and Wrong series by Varsha Dixit. Each book follows the love story of one particular female lead.

The first book follows the story of the very dreamy and extremely strong Nandini and Aditya , the second one follows the love story of Nandini’s best friend Shreya and Nikhil and the third book follows the story of Aditya’s ex-fiancee Gayatri with Viraj. In all the three books Varsha Dixit makes the woman the protagonist of the story. The men are all a mixture of Mills and Boon heroes meeting new-age boy-next-doors while the woman are strong,independent,dreamy and yet vulnerable. At no point is the female character waiting for her knight in shining armour. They are all woman dealing with real life issues and relationships like normal adults,which is a breath of fresh air at  a time of soppy romances and sad romanticism of reality.

So why did I pick this book,you ask? That’s because this is the first romantic fiction I ever read. This lovely series opened me to a world of realistic romances with a touch of bollywood and a lot of hindi pun. I loved every bit of this series and I hope you do too.

On a whole, the Right and Wrong series is a great read if you just finished reading a deep novel and are looking to uplift your mood with normal daily and yet dreamy romances(what a juxtaposition!) or you are someone who loves romantic books in general too…..


xoxoxo till next time lovelies,