Ok let’s get this straight. Last post was written in a extremely-frustrated-Why-is-humanity-like-this mode. My language has gone for the gods(I am definitely going to hell). It’s like when they show in movies that after having a blast last night the heroine gets up in the morning with a hangover in the morning and realizing the kind of carnage she created last night. I don’t drink(I am a teetotaler) but I was definitely high on EDM music( Starving by Hailee Steinfield) and internet (I usually go through starvation of both these resources. It’s like I am in a deadlock with my parents. Geddit? Geddit? No. It’s an engineering joke specifically for IT stream. As you guessed it by now my exams are near). So this is not a SORRY  post. LIKE NO,I AM NOT SORRY. I meant every word I said. But yes, from next time onwards I will be more responsible with my language and use it to enhance my story and not ruin it.

Have a great day lovelies,



P.S. We got a new co-writer in the blog. I think we will acronym him Benzraider 🙂sorrynotsorry1