#BOOK5:Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

So here we are at post number 6 with the most trending books of the social media all thanks to Selena Gomez. So why would I pick something that has already been talked about so much? Because I have something different to say on this.

Yes, the book is about Hannah Baker and the reason why she committed suicide. I haven’t seen the show like I know the faces of the actor but I just don’t have the heart to watch another hard cover getting over dramatised only for the viewer ratings and all that crap(THAT DOES NOT MEAN I AM NOT A SELENA FAN!). But that’s not the point of this post. My main point is throughout the book Hannah just acts like a victim,someone who was misunderstood and  didn’t get the help to come out of her hell hole. But that’s an utter lie. Yes,it is. She could have stood up  to Alex or even Justin but she chose to remain silent. In an era where everything is accessible at the click of a button,ragging and bullying and body shaming are no more taboo issues that cannot be talked about.Hannah could have been a bit more stronger. Yes,Alex shouldn’t have created a list or Justin should have had more maturity or even Courtney or Sheri should not have done what they did but it was truly Hannah’s fault. Nobody can make you feel bad until you want to feel bad for yourself.Hannah should have taken the help of someone be it her parents or Clay or even Mr.Porter. Seeking your confidante’s help helps you sail through bad times. Yes, Hannah was abused and her trust was broken multiple times but so are women half her age or double her age who are raped,molested,fat-shamed and eve-teased all around the world. Not everyone hangs themselves. They make themselves stronger and face their demons sometimes alone , sometimes with the help of a best friend.

Jay Asher uses a great way to tell the story of Hannah through her tapes. The pace of the story is perfect though it becomes too much of a Hannah-Clay sob-fest at times. If you are someone who is watching the series or a lover of teenager-related  stories,this one a definite pick for you….

Till next time lovelies,

xoxoxo Chimera