I will tell a small summary about me:-

1)I am a bookworm!(pretty obvious).I love all genres of books except self-help books.

2)I am a half-Mangalorean and half-brahmin(north indian at that).

3)My favourite authors are J.K.Rowling(duh!),Khaled Hosseini,Paulo Coelho and George R.R. Martin(yes, I am reading Games of Thrones currently).

4)I have been reading books since I was nine years old and I hope to become a writer someday. I am currently doing my engineering and I write poetry and fictional stories.

5) I have two blogs apart from this one: one is a poetry blog (www.sparrowtalks.blogspot.com) and the other one is a story blog (www.sparrowtalksblog.wordpress.com). I occassionally write on launchora.com too.

6) I have an affinity for sparrows(because I am a chatterbox!) and an allergy towards all reptiles.