I am not going to reveal my name and hence I am going to go by the pen name Chimera. Sounds weird? It is a bit weird. Chimera means something that is illusory or imaginary and impossible. And it also means a goat in latin or greek(I don’t know which language!). But I like this name as it’s hard to forget (yeah,I sound like a narcissist).

So what is my blog about? It’s about books as the name suggests. But why booksutra? That’s because I want to create a list of books that I have read, my interpretation of that book and why I would recommend a particular book. What’s so new about this? There are umpteen number of blogs on books but my blog is a little different because I won’t stick to one genre. It would be a wide variety from quirky to deep and philosophical to mundane books which look boring but are actually fun!

So subscribe to my blog and feel free to give suggestions and comments for the upcoming posts ……..

xoxoxo lovelies,



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